Sigma Emerald's signature landscape garden is every Fitness seeker's
delight. The 10,000 sqft of deep breathing space is ideal for your daily health routine – that’s right at your gates. The jogging trail is carefully crafted to be broad and firm on your feet. It is fringed by healthy foliage on either side to provide you with unadulterated oxygen. While the space in between the tracks serves as a perfect place for Yoga and other physical activities.
Play Area
A sprawling play area, made especially for our little energetic juniors,
greets your view when you set afoot the garden at Sigma Emerald. The play area boasts of recreational facilities such as a sand pit, slides and swings, jungle gym and more; providing your young ones with an exhilarating environment where they can expend and revive their enthused energies.

Welcome to a healthier lifestyle. Sigma Emerald's premium amenities
comprise of an indoor gymnasium that packs in all modern facilities such as: world-class workout equipment, a vivacious ambiance with high-quality audio system, safety and first-aid apparatus, and much more. Superb core strength, improved focus and an unparalleled energy boost are some of the immediate effects of working out at our gym!
Rooftop Swimming Pool
Sigma’s rooftop pool, with its 70+ feet long glorious breadth,
is simply what the luxury doctor ordered for you to refresh your mindset and help you relish one of the greatest pleasures of opulent living. The rooftop swimming pool setup of Sigma Emerald, the tallest structure of Santacruz east, allows you unparalleled privacy and a view worth every moment spent. So, ready to dive in and get immersed?
Multi-Purpose Sports Area
Rediscover your hidden Ronaldo, Federer or Kohli, or allow your children
to discover their inner sporting superstar. Sigma Emerald’s spacious yet efficiently well maintained multipurpose sports arena is the place to get your adrenaline flowing and your sporting spirit glowing. Now, no need to scout for grounds, when you have your very own play area within your luxurious premises. Time to be the neighborhood G.O.A.T…Greatest of All Time that is!
Sigma Emerald is bundled with lifestyle as well as practical features extending its comfort right up to your doorsteps. This project is designed and planned with a plush compound, a grand entrance lobby and a scintillating frontage of the building, creatively embedding an outlook of a residence that suits your contemporary lifestyle.

Stretcher-friendly high-speed elevators of reputed make
User-friendly interface with excellent air-circulation
Advanced video security systems on all floors
Dedicated CCTV surveillance space
Intercom connectivity to all flats, building lobby, main gate & important common areas
Advanced fire-fighting system
Secure & accessible parking space for every owner
Offers adequate lighting & ventilation